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A brief introduction to the SUOXI

Jiangsu Suoxi Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Yongkang Yongdong Carton Factory, was founded in 1994 by Mr. Zhu Yongguang, located in the hardware capital of China. This is the world's leading designer of high pressure cast aluminum radiator.

The view of the SUOXI

Jiangsu West is committed to becoming an international supplier of home heating products. To convey the concept of low carbon, practical, fun, and advocate a new culture of health, energy-saving home cleaning, product practical experience.

SUOXI's Honors

The Susi people incorporate the most concise, practical and cost-effective concept into their products. It has provided consumers with high quality, high performance and low energy consumption for many years.Has won many honors.

Under the flag Classic forging brands, advancing with each other

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