Suoxi Product Advantage

Company Advantage
  • Full DC inverter

    DC inverter compressor

    +DC inverter fan.

  • Eco-friendly refrigerant

    The use of environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant without pollution to the ozone layer, CDP ozone depletion potential value is zero, safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Enhance vapor injection

    The use of EVI strong heating technology can significantly improve the heating capacity in ultra-low temperature environments, making low-temperature heating more efficient.

  • SAC refrigerant circuit technology

    The innovative SAC refrigerant circuit technology effectively solves the precise distribution of energy supply in partial loads and achieves the lowest system operating cost.

  • WAR intelligent control system

    The WAR intelligent control system accurately allocates all components in real time, and links the three major converter technologies of WATER, AIR and REFRIGERANT to bring about more efficient and stable operation.

  • 公司优势

    Company Advantage
  • -35°℃ powerful heating

    Design for ambient temp. -35°C-43°℃. Stableyoperation in severe cold and high temperature conditions.

  • Smart Defrosting

    Smart and precise defrosting via

    parameters from outdoor temperature sensor & heat exchange temperature sensor.

  • Heating Cooling & DHW 3 in 1

    Cooling in summer and heating in winter,DHW is used for 4 seasons. The end can be connected to fan coil, floor heating pipe and domestic hot water water tank.

  • Energy saving and high efficiency

    Meet requiments of EU Erp A+++.

  • WIFI remote control

    Remote setting via APP, convenient for installation and maintenancee.

  • Provide house heating solutions


    The predecessor of Jiangsu Suoxi Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Robelo (Shanghai) thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2009. The founder Mr. Zhu Yongguang was born in Zhejiang · Yongkang in the Chinese hardware capital. He bathed in the spring breeze of the reform and opening up of the motherland. Like many Zhejiang merchants in Zhejiang in the early 1990s, he has worked hard for many years.

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